Hello! I’m Jefferson Elbert Simões, aka Hetcenus, and this WILL be my VGPiano.com webpage.

Ive been really busy these days, so probably the system will take a little long to get finished.

For you not to think I dont do a damn thing, Ill just post songs directly here until its done


1st song: A Path to Follow, A Goal to Reach

Source Tune: Special Stage 2 – VGM

Game: Sonic Chaos (Game Gear)

Download: WIP 1 – April 22nd

2nd place entry for PRC66, one point ahead of Nineko’s ‘Sonic Beat’, and one point behind V_Gasm’s ‘PRC All-Stars SuperSonic Extravaganza’. I started working on it on the 18th, and turned out pretty nice, considering the timeframe. Special thanks to Nineko for rendering it in time (kind of) for the competition.


Coming soon:


Also I’ve got a MIDI WIP of Lunge Fish Stage, from Tetris Attack, at the Tetris Attack Remix Project forum. I gotta stop joining so many projects…